Common Misconceptions Revolving Around the STDs

Unlike in the past, in recent days, the shame associated with sex has been diminishing. Many people are now positive about discussing sexuality. This instance has helped in the development of healthy sexual relationships. However, people are still not comfortable when addressing the issue of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). The awkward feeling around these diseases has triggered tension and misinformation, which hinder individuals from seeking the right test. That is why it is necessary to understand the truth behind the following misconception concerning STDs as you plan for your std testing asheboro.

All the Family Planning Methods Prevent the STDs

You could think that any birth control technique you intend to use will help prevent these diseases, but you are mistaken. Condoms are the only contraception methods to minimize your risk of getting STDs. Therefore, even if your sexual partner uses a vaginal ring or contraceptive pills, you should still use condoms.

Wear the condom properly to cover the genital areas. Besides, it would help if you never were convinced to wear two condoms at the same time. The friction between the rubber would cause breakage, exposing you to the risk of infection.

After Medications, You Cannot Spread the Disease

Recently, there have been different medications, such as antibiotics, that you can lean on to treat STDs. However, rushing into sex immediately after those medications can expose your sexual partners to the diseases. Therefore, after the antibiotic medications, you should abstain from sex until the symptoms improve. Visit your health provider for testing to ensure you do not have the disease before sex.

You Will Always Know if You Have the STDs

Perhaps, this myth is one of the major reasons for the increased cases of these diseases. Most STDs do not always have symptoms making it difficult to know that you are infected. For example, you will not notice that you have chlamydia after contracting this asymptotic infection. That is why it is necessary to seek the relevant test even if you feel okay down there.

The Chlorine in the Water Pool Will Alleviate Your STDs

Some people believe the high chlorine concentration in the local swimming pool can kill STDs. Although chlorine disinfects these waters from the diseases like hepatitis A, it cannot alleviate the STDs such as herpes. Therefore, you should seek the relevant treatments to suppress these infections.

With a Monogamous Relationship, You Are Good to Go

You have heard some people claim that since they have a single sexual partner, they cannot get STDs. While the risk may be minimal in this case, taking the necessary preventive measures is good. Sometimes, your partner could conceal their sexual history before having intimacy. Therefore, you should talk with your health provider about how to address the topic of STDs with your partner.

Are you planning to get tested for STDs? You have made a major step to staying in tune with your sexual health. The above-debunked myths will help you clear the air as you anticipate the STD testing appointment. For example, if you think all birth control techniques can help prevent STDs, you will learn that a condom is the only method that can help minimize the risk. You will also learn that some STDs do not always show symptoms.