Causes of Facial Veins and Treatment Solutions

There are situations where facial veins, also referred to as broken or spider veins, may become of concern to you when they are significantly visible. Rockville Centre facial veins can cause your self-esteem and confidence to wane off, which is why you should work with a professional to preserve your looks. Below are the potential causes of spider veins and the treatment solutions.

Facial veins causes

Facial redness around the face and even on the neck and chest are common among fair-skinned people. In men, the condition is not that prevalent.

For women, spider veins majorly affect those in the age range of 30 to 60. Also, women that have reached menopause may be prone to broken veins.

The causes of facial veins are:


If you have a history of family members with facial redness, there is a high chance of experiencing the condition.

Damage due to sun exposure

Your face skin is highly exposed to sun destruction. Therefore, if, with time, your face suffers from excessive exposure to the sun, you will have to deal with harmed tissues surrounding your veins. As a result, the blood vessels appear more pronounced and broken or red.

Weather changes

Weather changes may lead to the regular blood circulation being affected. Thus, the facial skin may become more visible and flush, causing a spider vein.

Alcohol consumption

Alcohol in your body triggers the temporary dilation of your veins. So, when you frequently take alcohol, expect to deal with an ever-present redness of your face and broken blood vessels.

Environmental irritants

Environmental or chemical irritants that may stress and damage your skin are cigarette smoke, dirt particles, and harmful gasses such as carbon monoxide and nitrogen dioxide.

Irritants damaging your skin enhance the visibility of blood vessels.

Other factors contributing to facial veins include pregnancy, rosacea, pressure changes, and head injuries.

Facial veins treatment solutions

Whether or not you have facial veins, your doctor will find out by examining your face. And there are a couple of treatment solutions you may have to try like:

Retinol serums and creams

The creams may come in handy for treating various skin conditions, including acne. Your doctor may recommend retinol serums if you have facial veins.


With this therapy, your face gets injections of sclerosing drugs to reduce the appearance of spider veins. The agents injected into your face work by covering your blood vessels, leading to the disappearance of the visible blood under your facial skin.

IPL treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment relies on particular lights to reach the deeper layers of your facial skin without top layer harm. Thus, you benefit from minimum skin damage and less time for healing and recovery.

Laser therapy

The treatment solution utilizes intense laser lights for dismantling and eliminating facial veins with issues.

The procedure is mainly disadvantageous since it is costly and tends to damage patients’ skin.

Alternatively, try using home remedies for reducing or eliminating facial veins. Avoid washing your face with hot water, use Arnica products, and apply aloe vera and anti-inflammation herbs.

If you desire to get rid of facial veins professionally, book an appointment with South Shore Vein and Aesthetic Medicine today.