Benefits of Dental Fillings

A filling is a dental treatment that repairs and restores damaged teeth. Dentists commonly use fillings to seal in the space left after removing the decayed part of your tooth. Fillings can also repair chipped or broken teeth damaged from misuse like nail biting or tooth grinding. Houston fillings are made from various materials, including silver amalgam, gold, porcelain, and plastic. After the filling treatment, you may experience tooth sensitivity, but it fades within a day or two. There are many benefits of dental fillings, and here are some.

Dental fillings stop tooth decay

Most people use dental fillings to prevent further tooth decay. Dental fillings are suitable for teeth with mild cavities. Untreated tooth decay can lead to severe damage, leading to tooth loss. During the filling process, your dentist cleans out the damaged part of your tooth and seals the hole with fillings, preventing further decay.

Offers long-lasting results

Dental fillings can last many years since they are made from strong materials like gold, porcelain, silver amalgam, or composite resin. Gold and porcelain fillings can last for fifteen years or more. Ensure you take care of your fillings to last long. Avoid chewing hard materials like bottle caps, biros, or hand candies to prevent them from damage. Regular dental checks and professional dental cleaning can also help your fillings last longer.

They improve the functioning of your teeth

It can be challenging to chew or drink when you have tooth decay. You may experience pain, especially when taking hot beverages. During the dental filling procedure, your dentist eliminates the decayed part and fills the space, protecting your tooth and restoring its normal function. After dental filling, your tooth functions like your natural ones.

Fillings resemble natural teeth

Due to the advancements in the dentistry field, modern dental fillings are made to look like your natural teeth. During the filling process, your dentist shapes and polishes the harmed tooth to resemble your natural teeth.

They are aesthetically appealing

Cavities destroy your tooth appearance. The modern fillings are tooth-colored and blend with your entire tooth structure, so people hardly notice you have them. Fillings restore your dental look and smile. You can comfortably laugh, speak or talk before people after the treatment.

Dentists can easily repair damaged fillings

Although fillings are durable, they can be damaged by excessive chewing or grinding over time. Your dentist can repair damaged fillings to prevent tooth decay from recurring. If your fillings chip or get damaged, consult your dentist immediately for repair. Avoid eating to keep the affected area clean. If you take too long to repair your fillings, tooth decay may reoccur.

They protect your teeth from decay

Sometimes your teeth may develop tiny holes that are not big enough to be called cavities. These holes tend to trap food particles, and over time, they can cause tooth decay. Your dentist can use fillings to cover these holes, preventing tooth decay.

A filling is a dental treatment that repairs and restores damaged teeth. It stops further tooth decay, improves teeth function, is aesthetically appealing, prevents tooth cavities, and is a durable dental treatment. Schedule an appointment with Jeffrey Busch, DDS, for a dental filling procedure to restore the function of your decayed tooth.