Achieve Your Dream Body Contours With Coolsculpting

If people are allowed to get their dream body contours, many will jump at that chance without hesitation. Coolsculpting offers you the opportunity to achieve your dream body silhouette within an hour. If you are uncomfortable with the stubborn body fat in your stomach or buttocks, you can benefit from the Coolsculpt Brooklyn procedure.

Does cool sculpting work?

Coolsculpting is a fancy term for a fat-freezing method that purported to break and kill stubborn fat pockets, giving you a killer silhouette. As a non-surgical treatment, its benefits outweigh traditional fat removal approaches. This procedure does not involve incisions, sharp devices entering your body, or anesthesia, making it a friendly beauty-enhancing treatment.

Cryolipolysis targets stubborn fat that does not respond to exercise and diet. This procedure involves fewer risks than liposuction and has little to no recovery time. While cool sculpting is not a weight loss procedure, it enables you to achieve your desired body figure without undergoing surgery.

How can you prepare for your cool sculpting procedure?

The specialists at Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center understand that you are anxious to experience the outcome as soon as possible. Preparation for the treatment makes it smoother and easier to conduct this rejuvenating procedure with little to no complications. A few days before your appointment, your doctor may recommend skipping your blood-thinning supplements or medications for a few days. The blood-thinning properties may increase your vulnerability to bruising. You may also need to avoid tanning the treatment area because tanning may elevate your skin’s sensitivity, leading to more side effects.

What should you expect during a cool sculpting procedure?

On the morning of your appointment, the caring team receives you nicely, creating a comfortable environment for you to share your beauty goals. During the procedure, your provider uses a handheld device that looks like the nozzles of a vacuum cleaner.

Your specialist first applies a gel pad and applicator to the treatment to deliver monitored cooling on the stubborn fat pockets. The team glides the handheld device over your skin, transmitting a cooling and suctioning sensation to your skin. You may feel a mild pinching or pulling, but overall, the treatment is barely painless.

After the procedure, your doctor may massage the treatment area to disintegrate frozen deep tissue, enabling your body to absorb the unwanted fat. The treatment may last for about 1-3 hours, depending on the treatment area. The Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center team may put on your favorite music or offer some magazines to keep you preoccupied and prevent boredom.

What should you expect during recovery?

Most people can resume their daily activities immediately after cool sculpting. After the procedure, you may feel mild soreness or redness that subsides after a few weeks. You may start noticing the breathtaking results three weeks after your procedure. You may need several treatment sessions to maximize these impressive results. Cool sculpting does not address obesity, and it should not be an excuse for you to lead an unhealthy lifestyle.

To learn more about cool sculpting, call the Park Slope Laser Aesthetic Center or book your spot online today.