7 Common Ailments Seen by a Foot Specialist in Singapore

Many individuals put off seeing a foot or ankle doctor (podiatrist) around Singapore, even when experiencing foot pain. People avoid going to the doctor for various reasons. However, the following seven common foot ailments and concerns may warrant prompt attention from a foot specialist.

#1 Calluses & Corns

Calluses and corns are skin that is not necessarily uncomfortable. However, they can cause pain if they become too large. Additionally, there might be an underlying ailment causing them. A podiatrist at a foot clinic in Singapore can accurately diagnose you and then treat and remove the dead skin cells gently.

#2 Recurring Heel Issues

You are more likely to have an infection if your heels are dry and the skin cracks and bleeds. Heel discomfort can also be due to heel spurs, a type of bone growth. Tendonitis is another cause of heel discomfort. Visit a foot clinic around Singapore to obtain an accurate diagnosis and appropriate solutions.

#3 Ingrown Nails

Toenails cut too short might grow into the skin and cause discomfort or infection. People who try to treat ingrown toenails on their own can aggravate the issue by injuring the nail and surrounding tissues. A podiatrist can prescribe medication or carefully remove a portion of the nail at a foot clinic in Singapore.

#4 Persistent Fungal Infections

Fungal infections, like athlete’s foot, are itchy, uncomfortable conditions that cause the skin between the toes to appear scaly. Immediately visit a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore if you have attempted antifungal therapy at home for more than a couple of weeks and it is still not working.

#5 Bunions

Immediately visit a foot and ankle specialist in Singapore at the first sign of a bunion. Bunions can worsen if not appropriately addressed. Many severe cases require surgery for efficient correction. However, alternative methods like medication or tape may also be effective.

#6 Joint Pains

You may have arthritis or another ailment if your foot or ankle joints are swollen, red, stiff or sore or if standing or walking aches. Visit a foot clinic in Singapore for correct diagnosis and recommended therapies to relieve joint discomfort.

#7 Tingling & Numbness

Diabetes makes people more prone to foot issues. If you have foot numbness, tingling, or burning, it might indicate neuropathy. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes or pre-diabetes, you should see a podiatrist at a foot clinic in Singapore at least once a year.

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