6 Must-do Yoga Asanas for Energizing your inner soul

While yoga has been known as an ancient art form, it’s never tough to master the yoga asanas. The prime objective of practising yoga is to keep your mind calm and relax your body. Moreover, when you’re tied up with a hectic schedule, yoga can help you to stay energetic all day long. So, let’s go through some of the asanas that can energize the inner soul.

  • Lord of the Dance Pose

The Lord of the Dance pose is one of the yoga asanas that can help to improve concentration apart from the overall posture and balance. You first need to stand with your back straight and balance yourself on the left-hand side as you start. However, you have to also bend the upper body so that it’s parallel to the floor. Simultaneously, you need to lift the right leg and try holding the soul with your right hand. At that instance, you also need to lift the other hand gently. Soon after you hold the position for around 30 seconds, you need to repeat the steps as mentioned above for the other side. 

  • Victory Pose

As you strive to keep yourself energetic, you could think about practising the victory pose. While you stand upright with your legs hip-width apart, you should slowly lift your chin away from your chest. Next, you need to lift your hands wide apart, high up in the air. But, before you get into the pose, you need to stay relaxed and feel the energy flowing at your feet. Once you start focusing on boosting your strength through this pose, you will be able to bring in a change in your life. 

  • Breath of Joy

It’s pretty easy to get into such a kind of pose compared to other yoga asanas. First, while you stand with your feet a little wider from one another, you must bend your knees slightly. Now, you need to bend your upper body to touch your toes. Further ahead, you need to proceed by lifting your arms at your shoulders level. Soon after that, you need to swing your arms sideways and raise them overhead. 

  • Standing Side Bends

As you get into the mountain pose, you need to lift your arms high up in the air. Next, you need to hold your left wrist with the palm facing upwards a bit later with the right hand. Now, you need to bend sideways as much as you can. Moving ahead, you should try touching your palm to the knee on that side. After pausing for some seconds, you need to reverse the steps to get back into the starting position. You should also include foods in your diet that boosts your immunity.

  • Cat-Cow Pose

As the name implies, the Cat-Cow pose is a blend of two different poses. Initially, you need to place your palms on the mat and bend your knees to come in contact with the mat. Later, you need to push the body’s midsection towards the floor, roll back your shoulders and gaze in the upwards direction. Then, on the other hand, you need to exhale and reverse the position as you release yourself. At this step, you need to carve the stomach, puff the rib cage, and start looking at your navel. Then, you need to exhale and get back into the Cow pose once again. 

  • Deeper Backbending

Backbending indeed energizes the soul and helps to uplift the mind. As you prepare yourself for backbends, you need to know which body parts you need to involve. For example, as you stand for some time, you need to bend the upper body backwards. Later, you need to reverse the position and try touching your hands to the toes. Finally, you need to release your hands and come back to the first position towards the end. 

Finally, if you’re keen to strengthen your body through yoga asanas, then you could consult the doctor. Alternatively, you could also join online classes to learn about how you can get into different kinds of poses. As a result, it’s always a good idea to start your day with yoga. The poses will help you relax your mind as soon as you wake up in the morning.