4 Ways to Reduce Vertigo

Over the years, Vertigo-related cases have greatly increased. Most people suffering from this condition have dizziness, something that can affect their productivity. However, the main problem is that few institutions offer services to reverse this condition, causing an increase in the number of patients suffering from this condition. Greater New Orleans vertigo is addressed through a program that aims at reversing it. Vertigo can be attributed to different factors. This includes head injuries, stress, prolonged bed rest, shingles in the ear, diabetes, stroke, and arrhythmia. The following are ways to manage Vertigo.

Stress Management

Stress is usually a trigger of many diseases. For instance, it causes Vertigo and Meniere’s disease. The main reason is that when you are stressed, the body performs differently to manage the stress. To manage Vertigo, an individual should develop strategies to avoid stressful instances. For instance, a person should practice mediation and deep breathing whenever they feel stressed. However, long-term stress is not a circumstance you can breathe off. The main way of reducing stress is to identify what is stressing you and cut it off. If you manage to cut off the stressful instances, you will recover from Vertigo.

Taking plenty water

Vertigo can occur in individuals who have dehydration in their bodies. Individuals should therefore take as much water as possible. Individuals should trace their intake of water by having a plan. They should not only take water when they feel thirsty. Besides, individuals should consider the surrounding conditions, such as the hot condition, which can make them lose too much fluid through sweating. When the body loses many fluids, individuals may develop a feeling of dizziness which calls for some remedy. By taking extra water, the body remains hydrated, which helps to reduce the chances of having vertigo.

Vitamin D intake

The deficiency of some nutrients in the diet can lead to vertigo. Essentially, individuals who have a shortage of vitamin D can be at risk of getting vertigo. The shortage of vitamin D leads to worsening conditions for individuals having BPPV, which is one cause of dizziness. Therefore, you should include sources of vitamin D such as egg yolk and milk in the meal plan. Also, individuals should have regular check-ups for the vitamin levels in their body to know when they have low levels. Therefore, individuals should take meals rich in vitamin D to reduce getting vertigo.

Avoid alcohol

Alcohol is known for stimulating dizziness in the body. However, alongside the dizziness, too much intake of alcohol can alter the components of fluid in the inner ear. The changes in the components can lead to vertigo and other vestibular disorders. Also, the consumption of alcohol can dehydrate the body, which is a potential threat to getting vertigo. Individuals should therefore cut the consumption of alcohol which would help to reduce the likelihood of having vertigo.

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Most people have been suffering from Vertigo, minimizing their productivity. This is why the ENT of New Orleans was set up to reverse the suffering. Gregory Pippin, MD, and Adil Fatakia, MD, have vast experience treating Vertigo. They offer customized treatment to every patient boosting their recovery. Contact the institution today to mark the end of your suffering.