3 Benefits of Attending A Chinese Yoga Class


Chinese yoga, or Qigong, isn’t a form of yoga. It’s a practice similar to yoga as it focuses on meditation and harmonising the energy within us. However, while yoga is primarily a spiritual practice with origins in Hinduism, Qigong was a form of medicine. It also has a deep association with martial arts.

Today, you can attend a Chinese yoga class for physical and mental well-being. These are the same reasons why many people enjoy yoga.

If you have experience in yoga, it might be worth expanding your horizons and trying out Chinese yoga for beginners. Many people practice both to achieve a further sense of spiritual and physical calm. Here are three benefits of practising Chinese yoga.

1. It lowers the risk of chronic diseases.

While no one uses Chinese yoga as medicine, it still offers many physical benefits. Because of its nature as a gentle exercise with meditative breathing, Chinese yoga increases blood flow and reduces stress in the body. These are lifelong benefits when you practice regularly. Consider finding a Chinese yoga teacher and setting a schedule with them every week. That way, you won’t miss a practice.

2. Improve your mental health.

While it doesn’t work for everyone, meditation, controlled breathing, and gentle movements can help you set aside any anxieties to focus your brain on the exercise. Attending a Chinese yoga class could have lasting effects on your mental health.

3. It relieves chronic pain.

If you suffer from chronic pains caused by other conditions, practising during Chinese yoga class might be able to give you slight relief. It can also help with acute pain, such as back pain.

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