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Curanus ( Fluocinolone Acetonide + Lidocaine HCL )

  • Effective Material
    Fluocinolone Acetonide 0.1 MG + Lidocaine HCL 20 MG
  • Caliber
    0.1 MG + 20 MG
  • Therapeutic Categories
    Gastrointestinal Drugs
  • Pharmaceutical Form
Each 1 g Curanus ointment contains:
          Fluocinolone acetonide      0.1 mg.
          Lidocaine HCl                    20 mg.
Fluocinolone acetonide, topical corticoid in Curanus, has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic,antipruritic, anti-exudative effect. Fluocinolone acetonide is classified as a moderate topical corticoid preparation. Additional pain relief is achieved with the local anaesthetic Lidocaine.
Therapeutic indications
Curanus ointment is used for :Internal and external hemorrhoids, anal eczema, proctitis, anal pruritus and pre- and postoperative treatment.
Side effect
In rare cases, local irritation, pruritus, hypersensitivity reactions and secondary infections may occur.
Tuberculous, syphilitic, fungal, bacterial or viral diseases in the region to be treated. On known intolerance to any component of the ointment, or on the occurrence of intolerance during treatment. Infants and young children should not be treated with this ointment, because sufficient experience on treatment in this age group is not yet available.
Warnings & precautions
As with topical corticoids, long-term treatment may cause dermal or mucosal atrophy.
Pregnancy and lactation
Topical glucocorticoids should  be only used when the potential benefit is greater than the fetal risk. They should not be applied to extensive areas, in high doses, or over long periods during pregnancy.  Glucocorticoids pass into the milk. Therefore, breast-feeding should not be taken place during long-term therapy or treatment of large areas of the body.
Dosage and Method of administration
Before application Curanus ointment and after each defecation, the anal region must be thoroughly cleansed with warm water and a soft cloth. Curanus ointment is applied  2 – 3 times /day, and gently smoothed in. It can also be applied intra-rectally by using injector located within carton box. The duration of treatment depends on the clinical picture and usually does not exceed 2 – 3 weeks.
Aluminum Tube containing 30 gram of Curanus ointment with injector, in carton box with leaflet.
Store below 25◦ C. Keep away from children.