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Damvita-M ( Vit A + Vit D3 + Vit B1 (HCl) + Vit B2 (Phosphate) + Vit B6 + Vit PP + Vit C + Vit E + Ca Pantothenate + Iron (Ferrous Gluconate) + Mg (SO4) + Ca (Gluconate) + Copper (SO4) + Zinc(SO4) )

  • Effective Material
    Vit A 3000 IU + Vit D3 600 IU + Vit B1 (HCl) 3 mg + Vit B2 (Phosphate) 6 mg + Vit B6 2.5 mg + Vit PP 10 mg + Vit C 75 mg + Vit E 5 mg + Ca Pantothenate 5 mg + Iron (Ferrous Gluconate) 10.8 mg + Mg (SO4) 300 mcg + Ca (Gluconate) 60 mg + Copper (SO4) 300 mcg + Zinc(SO4) 0.5 mg
  • Caliber
    3000 IU + 600 IU + 3 mg + 6 mg + 2.5 mg + 10 mg + 75 mg + 5 mg + 5 mg + 10.8 mg + 300 mcg + 60 mg + 300 mcg + 0.5 mg
  • Pharmacologic Form
    - vitaminas
    - Mineral
Each 5 ml Syrup Contains:
Vit. A: 3000 IU
Vit. D3: 600 IU
Vit. B1 (HCl): 3 mg
Vit. B2 (phosphate): 6 mg
Vit. B2: -
Vit. B6 (HCl): 2.5 mg
Vit. B12: -
Vit. PP: 10 mg
Vit. C: 75 mg
Vit. E (acetate): 5 mg
Folic Acid: -
Ca – Panthotenate: 5 mg
Iron (ferrous gluconate): 10.8 mg
Iron (ferrous fumarate): -
Magnesium (sulfate): 300 mcg
Calcium (gluconate): 60mg
Calcium (Phosphate): -
Copper (Sulfate): 300 mcg
Zinc (Sulfate): 0.5 mg
Damvita-M is a multivitamin preparation with minerals.
These vitamins and minerals are essential for normal metabolic functions including hematopoiesis.
The B complex vitamins are necessary for the metabolism of carbohydrate, protein and fat. Ascorbic acid is Involved in collagen formation and tissue restoration.
Vitamin A is very necessary for normal retina function and for skin growth.
Vitamin E is considered as antioxidant to keep normal function of Cell, Vitamins which are soluble in water (B, C vitamins) do not store at suffcient quantity in body, and excrete in large amount in urine so it should be compensated with Damvita-M to keep normal concentration in tissues. Damvita-M contains suitable concentration of vitamin B6 to correct the disorder of tryptophen metabolism to its normal value, this happens following estrogen taking as contraceptive pills. Damvita-M contains folic acid which is so important during pregnancy.
Iron, Zinc, Copper are elements for enzyme structure to complete basic function of cells.
Calcium is very important to normal growth of bones, teeth and for neuron cell function.
Copper is important to prevent hypopigmentation of hair, Zinc is necessary for hair growth and protection of dry skin and night blindness (supplement agent to Vit. A), also helps the remedy of tissues quickly. Iron is necessary to the treatment and prevention of anemia.
Therapeutic indications
This medication is used for the prevention and treatment of multivitamin deficiency and the anemia caused by bad nutrition and unbalanced diet, the need for this medication increases greatly in these cases:
– In case of pregnancy and lactation.
– In case of using antibiotics against acute infections.
– In case of diarrhea for long time.
– In case of disorder of the process of carbohydrate protein and fat metabolism.
– In case of alcholol addiction.
– After surgery to help the remedy of tissues quickly.
– In case of abnormal growth.
– In case of tissues injuries like burns, bruises and wounds.
– In case of old age.
Side effect
It’s rarely noticed when taken under physician’s supervision, but some side effects may appear like: Allergic skin rashes, pruritus, vertigo and headache, feces of patient using iron may go black.
Patients allergic to the medication or for one of its components.
Warnings and precautions
This drug should be used cautiously in these cases:
– Hyper-calcemia.
– Increase of vitamins A and D.
– Patients with acute kidney failure or urolithiasis.
– Pregnant women should not exceed recommended doses, because of Vit. A.

– Keep medication out of reach of children.
– Store below 30°C.
– Use only under physician’s supervision.
Adults: (5–10) ml, 1–2 times daily.
Children: (2.5–5) ml, 1–2 times daily.

Coated Tablets
 Adults: 1–3 coated tablets daily or as doctor prescribe.
Carton box of 30 F.C. tablets blister packed.
Carton box of 125 ml glass bottle.
Store at room temperature (15–30)°C. Keep in dry place.