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Difladerm ( Zinc Oxide + Titanium Dioxide )

  • Effective Material
    Zinc Oxide35 mg+ Titanium Dioxide 45 mg
  • Caliber
    35 mg+ 45 mg
  • Therapeutic Categories
    dermatological Drugs
  • Pharmaceutical Form
Each 1 g. Cream: - Zinc oxide 35 mg
- Titanium dioxide 45 mg
Side effect
Slight sensitivity, Mild burning sensation.
This cream has the following properties:
- Good concentration of the active substance over the effected area.
- Zinc oxide has the power to accelerate consolidation of wound.
- titanium dioxide has an ideal sun ray protection to protect skin from ultra-violet ray.
- This medication is very effective to dry sensitive skin.
- This cream in non greasy so has a good penetration through safe skin.
Therapeutic indications
Difladerm Cream is used in:
- To treat dry skin and to soften skin.
- Treatment of superfacial burns and skin redness.
- For ultra - Violet ray protection.
- Those patients with treatment cause irritation of face skin.
None used over open skin, or inflammatory lesion.
Warnings and precautions
- Should not Contact eye, Nose and Mucous Membrana, Wash hands with Water and Soap after using this cream.
- Should keep out of the reach of children
- Should stop using this medication if irritation or hypersensitivity occur.
Dosage & administration
Apply a thin layer of cream over the effected area 2-3 times daily (preferable in the morning) or as doctor prescribe.
Tube containing 50 g.