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  • How does Hair care® work?

    In order to stop diffuse hair loss, hair must be brought back to the growth phase. To achieve this, the hair root requires a range of active substances which support the metabolism of the hair and form the basis for healthy new growth.

    Hair care®’s anti-hair loss formula contains a unique, specifically formulated active substance complex proven to stop hair loss and stimulate healthy hair growth.

  • How the Hair care® anti-hair loss formula works

    The anti-hair loss formula in Hair care® is special because of its unique combination of specifically formulated active substances.

    • Cystine is the main component of hair keratin, it promotes the natural function of the hair root and has an antioxidative effect, acting as a free radicle scavenger
    • Thiamine increases the metabolic activity of the hair root
    • Calcium pantothenate (vitamin B5) supports the energy metabolism in hair cell reproduction, stimulates cell division and supports the regeneration of existing cells
    • Medicinal yeast provides trace elements and vitamins, activates the metabolism and stimulates the formation of new hair cells
    • Keratin is the main component in every hair and is an essential building block for healthy hair
    • Para-aminobenzoic acid has a positive effect on the pigmentation of the hair

    Each active substance individually supports the function of the hair root. Together they form a unique, highly concentrated active substance complex which reinforces itself and can stop hair loss.

  • Are there studies or trials that prove the effect of Hair care®?

    Yes, there are. Numerous clinical studies prove that
    Hair care® can halt diffuse hair loss and has a positive effect on the growth of healthy hair.

    Additionally, a combined analysis of clinical studies with over 1,600
    Hair care® users confirms the dependable effect of Pantogar® in the treatment of diffuse hair loss.

  • Are there any side effects?

    Hair care® is a highly effective medication and with every medication, side effects may occur. However, Hair care® is generally very well tolerated and due to its composition side effects are unlikely.

  • Are there interactions with other medications or if vitamin preparations are also taken?

    No interactions are known to date.

  • Will I gain weight from taking Hair care®?

    No. The calorific value of one Hair care® capsule is 2.0 kJ or 0.5 kcal. The daily dose is 6.0 kJ or 1.5 kcal. In comparison a 100 g apple has a calorific value of 227 kJ or 53 kcal.

  • Does Hair care® also influence the growth of facial or body hair?

    Facial or body hair is so-called vellus hair, which has a very short growth (anagen) phase. A noticeable effect of Hair care® on the growth of vellus hair is not known.

  • Why does Hair care® also have a positive effect on nail growth?

    Nail growth is produced by the nail matrix at the lower end of the nail bed whose cells continually divide, move forward and fill with keratin, one of the main components of nails. As well as essential active ingredients for the formation of keratin, Hair care® contains ingredients which support cell metabolism and cell division and therefore nail growth.

  • Why is it recommended to take Hair care® for at least 3 to 6 months?

    Because of the hair growth cycle it is recommended that Hair care® is taken for at least 3 to 6 months. Many years of experience in hospitals and clinics show that an optimal therapeutic effect is achieved after one month at the earliest and 6 months at the latest. Its composition makes Hair care® very well tolerated, so it can be taken over a longer period.

  • Does Hair care® affect my fertility in any way?

    There are no known effects on fertility through Hair care®. However, if you have noticed any problems in that respect, please see your doctor in order to investigate the cause.

  • How should Hair care® be taken?

    Take one Hair care® capsule three times per day for 3-6 months. Hair care® should be taken with a little liquid without chewing.

  • How long should Hair care® be taken?

    It is recommended that Hair care® is taken for 3 to 6 months. Many years of experience in clinics and practice show that an effect is achieved after one month at the earliest, but the optimal therapeutic effect is achieved after 6 months at the latest. Its composition makes Hair care® very well tolerated, so it can be taken for an even longer period.

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